Yeast program that worked for me

Yeast program that worked for me

Unless the yogurt does not contain sugar I ask that ladies try and stay clear of putting it in your vagina.   The flora live and thrive on sugar and your infection will get much worse.  Trust me, in my early twenties I attempted everything.  Just Plain Yogurt and an applicator from a vaginal yeast  previous package.  ( because if you were anything like me you have those on hand about the house)  You can also use a tampon applicator or coat the tampon.  Do not leave the tampon in too long wear a pad and do this for seven days.  More tips are available on my site please e-mail questions.

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Six things you should no about yeast!

1. It’s a single celled fungus

2. Yeast is often taken as a vitamin supplement because it is 50 percent protein and is a rich source of B vitamins, niacin, and folic acid.

3. Yeast reproduces asexually. A yeast cell splits into two to make two yeast cells. There is no father/mother.

4. Yeast is used to add gas to bread and to beer. The yeast consumes sugar and breaths out carbon dioxide, cause the bread to rise or the beer to froth.

5. If you deprive yeast of its sugar supply, it doesn’t die, it just goes into suspended animation.

6. Yeast reproduces so quickly that it has evolved into something totally different from what we had 100 years ago, so brewers were delighted to discover a sunken ship from the 19th century with some bottle of beer on board. The yeast in the bottles was of a type that no longer exists elsewhere, so they were able to revive it and make beer that tastes like 100-year old beer.


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